Join Cornwall’s Collective Energy Switch

Posted on: 23rd January 2015

Join Cornwall’s Collective Energy Switch!

Community Energy Switch has just been launched to help households across Cornwall cut their energy bills by negotiating an exclusive tariff from energy suppliers.

The initiative is being led by Community Energy Plus, the Cornwall-based charity which works to help householders reduce their energy use and ensure that they can afford to heat their homes. They’ve partnered with the national switching organisation energyhelpline to deliver this initiative and link into the group buying power of several other collectives across the country at the same time.

Cold homes and fuel poverty cause around 350 deaths a year locally, however there’s a much larger number of people who experience poor health and wellbeing as a consequence of living in cold homes. Community Energy Switch provides the opportunity for everyone taking part to reduce their energy bills, but for some of the lowest income households in Cornwall it could mean the difference between living in a warm rather than cold home.

By joining Cornwall’s collective energy switch you could save an average of £221 a year, based on the savings from the initiative’s switching partner energyhelpline’s last collective switch.

The more people that register, the more power that Community Energy Switch has to negotiate a special deal with energy suppliers and the more money those taking part will save!

The initiative is being endorsed and promoted by Cornwall Council, NHS Kernow and the Winter Wellbeing Programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. So please help us promote it in your area and / or register to see if you can save money!

Householders who register their details will be contacted with details of the winning energy deal from 2nd March. As well as being offered the exclusive winning tariff they will also see all other tariffs in the market, so if another tariff suits an individual’s energy needs more, they can sign up for that instead; there will also be green tariffs on offer.

Once a householder has agreed to switch, the necessary arrangements will be made on their behalf with their old and new suppliers. Switching is a seamless process – there isn’t a physical change to the energy supply but householders can feel the financial benefit of getting a better deal on your energy bills.

Registration is free, quick and simple with no obligation to switch. Register by 1 March at or call Freephone 0800 804 7247.