Is COVID being used to interfere with Democracy?

Posted on: 31st January 2021

Is COVID being used to interfere with Democracy?

On the 22nd January, Lisa Smart, the Chair of the Liberal Democrats Federal Campaigns and Elections Committee wrote to regional and local chairs saying:

“This afternoon we received a letter from the Tory constitution minister, saying that the Government is changing the rules to make political leafleting no longer permissible.

This is a clear and brazen attempt by the Tories to stop our work to support local residents, and to fix the elections in their favour.

We know that the Tories will do best if campaigning is limited.

We should see that as a strong sign that elections will go ahead on 6 May.

Updated campaigning guidance will be on the website on Monday, following checks with our lawyers. In essence we expect this to say:

No further Liberal Democrat political literature should be given to volunteer activists, and party political materials must be delivered through paid routes.”

LibDem Council Group on Cornwall Council

Liberal Democrats At County Hall, in 2017

As you know, the local elections are scheduled for 6 May and whilst the Conservatives have plenty of rich donors to pay for their leaflets to go out through Royal Mail, that is not the case for LibDems, other small Political parties and Independent candidates.

We at St Ives Liberal Democrats have some cracking candidates for the local elections and we want to ensure you get to know who they are. We have just managed to scrape together the money to mail out a leaflet for most candidates but it has taken over £3,000 and we cannot get it to every postcode. Evidence shows that winning candidates usually get several leaflets out to folk and come to knock on residents doors, to be known enough to win. For obvious reasons, we cannot knock on your door but I don’t think our volunteers delivering leaflets would put you at any more risk than you getting it through the Royal Mail!

In Cornwall, we have 6 Conservative MP’s and they are very keen to gain control of Cornwall Council. Don’t let them win because they can put leaflets out and other good candidates, like Chris Denley for the Land’s End Division, cannot afford to do so. Please help us raise enough funds to print and post leaflets to all residents and keep Cornwall Council out of  Tory hands.

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Thank you, in advance.