Is a revolution in transport on the horizon?

Posted on: 24th January 2016

Is a revolution in transport on the horizon? A New Year and many of us start to ponder on whether to change the car. Well I am having that ponder and share my thoughts with you and hope some of you that have taken the step or are further advanced with your research, might share your thoughts with me!

National News: Electric revolution

Britain is to get its first electric service stations as part of a £40m government fund to encourage drivers to switch to plug-in cars. Four new stations are to be built, with at least one being located on the M1. The state-of-the-art hubs will make it easier for electric vehicle drivers on motorways and in city centres to charge their car and will ease concerns over the range of the vehicles. In a further boost for the electric car movement, drivers of battery powered vehicles will be allowed to use bus lanes and park free in public bays as part of incentives to be announced tomorrow to boost sales and improve inner-city air quality. Under the plans eight towns and cities will be given a share of £40m in government funding to become a “Go Ultra Low City”. Milton Keynes is expected to open up bus lanes to electric vehicles, give them the same priority at traffic lights as buses and offer free parking in 20,000 bays. In Bristol electric cars will have access to carpool lanes, while in London they are promised parking and traffic priority. Nottingham and Derby will offer lower parking fees and bus lane access. Dundee, Oxford and York will also receive funding.

The Sunday Times, Page: 21

I’ve found there are Government plug-in car and van grants on the purchase of new vehicles Government Grants

Also, I probably don’t often agree  with London Mayor, Boris Johnson, but I do support him and other MP’s pushing for a diesel car scrappage scheme. It seems to me, the evidence is very strong, that we need to get these vehicles off our roads, for the sake of our health! calling for diesel scrappage scheme

Local Developments

Using the Internet I have searched in various ways for guidance on buying an electric car. I starting thinking that leasing a vehicle might be a way of making the switch whilst keeping our second vehicle as a petrol engine one. I stumbled across the fact that Cornwall Council have struck up a partnership with eco drive. I got all excited but, although they do lease cars, at the moment they are just for public sector fleet vehicles. I am being cheeky and emailing them to ask when this will be extended to private lease arrangements in Cornwall and whether as a Cornwall Councillor I could help them pioneer this move!

So, if you have discovered some interesting sources of information on switching to an electric car why not contact me through my Councillor Sue James Facebook page or Twitter @SueCllrsuejames or just send me an email! Let me know if I can share them.