Housing to Rent in St Just: Announcements

Posted on: 16th October 2013

The response to the drop in meeting yesterday was overwhelming. I am really glad I gave local people the opportunity to come and chat.

There will be 4 x 1 bed homes, 11 x 2 bed homes, 15 x 3 bed homes, 4 x 4 bed homes and 2 x 2 bed bungalows.

Sanctuary expect them to be available for people to move in to in January. People will be able to start requesting a home towards the end of November or the beginning of December. There is a high interest in the homes so start checking the Homechoice list, on-line, early in November, on a weekly basis. You must be registered as having a local connection to get one of these homes as demand is going to be high, judging on the interest, last night.

If you need any help to apply for these or are worried you may not have registered your local connection then contact Fiona Mavor-Hills on 01209 614243. She genuinely wants to help and has reminded people that, even if they do not get one of these, there will be people moving from Devon and Cornwall Housing properties because they need a bigger or smaller home, and the home they leave might be just right for you!