Honey the Pig Moves from Boscaswell to Carnyorth

Posted on: 4th December 2013
Honey the Pig

Honey the Pig at her new home in Carnyorth

Honey the pig has been living on land owned by the Borlaise Estate, down just before Moorland Close. She has won the hearts of many local residents, walkers and local animal lovers. Sadly her owner did know much about pigs and when the cute piglet turned into large pig, her interest waned. The community stepped in and I have referred to her as ‘community pig’.

The saga concluded with the Agent for the Borlaise Estate announcing last week that the pig had to go as no rent was being paid and, as her owner had left the area, a new home was needed. The Broomfield Animal Sanctuary is taking responsibility for her but as pigs and horses/ ponies are not good field mates, my husband and I are fostering her.

I know people want to donate for her care, in particular any vets bills but these should be made direct to Liz at The Broomfield Animal Sanctuary. You can contact Liz on 01736 788320.