Governments Planning Proposals Explained – ish!

Posted on: 24th August 2020

Governments Planning Proposals have been explained to Councillors, well as far as Council Officers have any clarity, at the moment.

This is one slide from the presentation to Cornwall Councillors and Planning staff. The full presentation is available below.

Much of the most worrying proposed new permitted development rights will not apply to the St Just-in-Penwith Parish because we are protected by many designations, such as Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (whole area) and World Heritage Site (part of area).

Changes to the planning system Aug 2020 presentation – This gives you all the slides. Here is a link on YouTube to the actual event: Presentation Re Planning Changes/ Proposals

For me and many others, we wanted to know the impact on Neighbourhood Plans. The short answer is no-one is clear, in the medium to longer term, as Councils are going to be required to revise their current Local Plans and Neighbourhood plans have to be compatible with them. The general advice to teams working on plans was keep going as they will still have a validity but there was a view that their role may be more focused on design, local distinctiveness or other roles in supporting the new local plans. For clarity future Local Plans are proposed to be simplified showing Growth, Renewal and Protect Areas. My assumption, from what I know so far, is that St Just would be a Protect Area so planning consent would be required much like today although, there could be changes in terms of guidance and presumptions in favour of doing things that are not encouraged today.

A question and answers document, based on questions raised on the day is useful for people to consider here: Planning Live Event Q&As

Finally, whilst some changes, particularly temporary ones in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic are implemented now, other more far reaching proposals that could allow people just to add a second floor to a bungalow by notification rather than requesting consent, have a consultation period.

Link to the Government Consultation on Planning Reform, including changes/ extensions to permitted development rights, below

Planning For the Future: Government Consultation Document

Please do not expect what I have provided here to give you all the answers to questions you might have and do not expect me to be a planning guru but I am sharing information so you can be as informed as me, if you wish to be!