Your General Election Voting Matters

Posted on: 23rd May 2017
Cllr Sue James and Andrew George NHS

Cllr Sue James and Andrew George working together to protect our NHS and Social Care Services

Your General Election voting matters so ensure you have your say and that you make your vote have maximum impact. I am a loyal member and supporter of the Liberal Democrats so in the St Ives constituency my decision how to vote is easy: I prefer to have a more tolerant, fair and equal society so trying to get more Liberal Democrat MPs elected is what I want. The only other party in the race, in my St Ives constituency is the Conservative candidate who is a champion for the more wealthy and thinks the poor and disenfranchised only have themselves to blame. I have lived places where the Liberal Democrats have not been in the running and I’ve then had to decide to vote tactically for Labour.

There is a website link below that will help you to work out how to vote tactically, to keep out a Tory in your area and therefore reduce (possibly eliminate) the Tory majority. Obviously, if you want Teresa May to have a landside victory that is good for you and your family, you’ll be voting Tory anyway. There is also a link that enables you and someone else to agree to vote tactically so that a vote for the party you have true loyalty for might actually count for something by a swap my vote scheme. Have a look at the links below and have a ponder!

Tim Farron with Cornwall LibDems

Tim Farron with Cornwall LibDems at County Hall

How to swap your vote so it counts more

Tactical Voting guide for Cornwall