Forming a new Joint Administration at County Hall

Posted on: 20th May 2017
Joint Administration likely at County Hall Truro

Forming a new administration at County Hall

Forming a new Joint Administration at County Hall has taken a while as voters did not give any group overall control – 62 Councillors needed for that!

Statement from the Liberal Democrat Group on Cornwall Council

The Independent and Liberal Democrat groups on Cornwall Council came to an agreement Friday afternoon to seek to form a joint administration. This will be put to the Annual Meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday.
Although the Conservative group are the largest group they have spectacularly failed in forming an administration for Cornwall Council. The Liberal Democrat Group gave the Conservatives every opportunity to form an administration, however their confusion and chaos has shown that they are not fit, nor able, to run Cornwall.

It was the failure of the Conservatives to reach any agreements that led to the Liberal Democrat Group stepping forward and this was welcomed by the Independent group unanimously.