Fly Tipping Plunges to New Depths

Posted on: 25th August 2015

Fly tipping plunges to new depths at Liberty zawn near Pendeen. Those who follow social media will have seen this story unfold but this is for those not connected to such forms of communication.

Sadly, people have driven to a remote location, along from Pendeen Lighthouse, towards Portheras Cove and dropped rubbing over the cliff. There was domestic waste that could have been put out with the rubbish or recycling, at no cost and also some commercial waste, including a huge freezer.

A social media appeal by the Friends of Portheras Cove led to the Carbis Bay Crew, a cliff rescue team, volunteering to haul the rubbish up the cliff. An operation they carried out professionally, as you can view for yourselves.
Video of Carbis Bay Crew clearing fly tipped rubbish

Once the rubbish was at the top, in the car park, it was collected by Cory and now Cornwall Council are investigating as there is some evidence of who some items belonged to. Councillor Sue James is keeping in touch with Officers and is wanting prosecution, if any items can be linked to the culprits.