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Posted on: 12th May 2017
St Ives LibDems Stand up for NHS

St Ives LibDems Stand up for NHS

Elections & Campaign News for local and GE is set out below with contact and links for those that want more. Please note, if you want to help with getting Andrew George elected there are details at the end of this post!

First, a huge thank you to those who put their faith in me to represent the area again on Cornwall Council. Also, I cannot believe you voted for me in such numbers that I topped the poll for St Just Town Council. I promise I will do my best for the community on both. Afraid I have no magic wand though!

The full results for the St Just Ward

The Full St Just Town Council Results Quite a change with only 4 of the previous Town Councillor remaining. Also, women are in the majority which in terms of elected office is very unusual if not almost unheard of!

You may be hearing that, at Cornwall Council, no one is in charge yet! Well, day to day services will continue but because no Political party of group got 62 Councillors or more, it is not easy to agree who is going to be running the Council and have the biggest say on future decisions for Cornwall. This usually means providing a leader (the role John Pollard took) and forming a Cabinet of up to 10 Councillors to take the portfolios, that is the lead, in policy areas. The people of Cornwall elected 46 Conservatives, 37 Liberal Democrats, 30 Independents, 3 Labour and 4 MK councillors.

Since May 4th, the Conservative group (the biggest group) have been talking to the Independent group to explore whether they are willing to form a coalition with them. The Conservative group have made an offer the the Independent Group of them having 4 Cabinet places and various chairs of committee. The Independent group meet this morning to discuss and decide whether all or some of them want to accept that offer.

If the Independent group stick together and refuse the Conservative offer of coalition then the Leader of the Conservatives has said they would try to take control of the Council on their own but clearly that would be difficult with only 46 out of 123 Councillors. The Independent group have indicated that, if they decide not to work with the Conservatives then they would like to talk with the Liberal Democrats to see if the coalition that ran from 2013 could work again, for the good of Cornwall. If that happens, I am part of the negotiating team for the Liberal Democrats, an honour that my party are trusting me, alongside our group leader and deputy to negotiate for them. Of course, the Independent group could split and what happens next then would depend how many want to work with the Conservative group and how many do not.

This is a very unsettling time for staff in the Council as they are waiting to know what direction the Council will head in as the Liberal Democrats have very different policy ideas for Cornwall than the Conservatives.

Full Cornwall Council Results

It cannot have escaped your notice that we are now into the General Election where you get the chance to choose an MP to represent the St Ives constituency. I have no doubt that Andrew George will be the best person for the job but your choice is him, the MP elected in 2015 – Derek Thomas (Conservative) or Christopher Drew (Labour).

Notice of Parliamentary Candidates for St Ives Constituency

Cllr Sue James and Andrew George NHS

Cllr Sue James and Andrew George working together to protect our NHS and Social Care Services

Finally, if you want to help get Andrew George get elected you can donate money through the PayPal link on this website or email volunteer@stiveslibdems.org.uk to volunteer in any way or ask for a window poster or stake board for your garden.