Don’t Let Your Vulnerable Neighbours or Family Members Become the Victim of Scams

Posted on: 24th October 2017

Don’t let your vulnerable neighbours or family members become the victim of scams.

Join someone vulnerable for a cuppa!

Join someone vulnerable for a cuppa!

Financial fraud happens every fifteen seconds across the UK and cost the nation a staggering £768.8 million in 2016. That’s around £2,000,000 a day, or £1400 every minute!

What’s more, 2 in 5 people have been personally affected by fraud, or know someone that has. Together with you, we want to make it 0.

So, if you can spare a few minutes you could help protect loved ones, particularly the elderly, from these acts of fraud. Read the Council’s guide and make a difference! Take Five Over Tea – Loved Ones