Discover the Tin Coast

Posted on: 10th September 2016

Botallack by the National Trust

Discover the Tin Coast project that is emerging and developing ideas for the Pendeen and St Just areas. I am involved to ensure that the project benefits local people that live and work in the area all year round. Although it is possible to find information and the Tin Coast is highly promoted through the National Trust, Geevor and some other local businesses, it is still only an evolving idea.

At a recent meeting we thought the best way to develop the thoughts of a few was to seek funding for us to have a Coastal Community Team, a recognised group that could attract funding into our area for a broad range of projects from the everyday of transport or improving public toilets to helping us protect and promote our cultural heritage and assets.

The link will give you where the thinking is at the moment and who the partners are. It is not a glossy document because there is no funding for the project yet and a formal partnership team has not been established, just a group of people from a range of organisations sharing their ideas. draft-tin-coast-destination-plan-08-09-16

There are engagement events planned, initially with businesses with links to tourism although that link need not be that visitors are the main customer or source of income. Anyone wanting an invite to such an invent can email me.