Devolution of Powers to Cornwall

Posted on: 11th October 2014

Devolution of Powers to Cornwall has became topical, on the back of the Scottish referendum. I was concerned with some of what I was reading in the media so have made enquiries about the main party positions. I am relieved to say, the LibDem view seems to make the most sense to me!

Conservatives seem to want an English Parliament so no real change for Cornwall except excluding Scottish M.Ps from voting on English matters.

Labour want to devolve powers to city regions, so that’s not Cornwall.

Mebyon Kernow want a Cornish Assembly and a District layer (probably not the same a old District format).

Not sure whether UKIP have a view on devolution of powers to Cornwall.

LibDems want Cornwall to have more self governing powers over matters that only affect the people of Cornwall and, at party conference last week, it was agreed as LibDem policy, to allow regions or councils to have greater devolved powers, on demand, subject to showing proper governance arrangements. LibDems are not asking for a Cornish Assembly AND Cornwall Council and to be honest, what it is called is not so important as having more control over how money is raised and spent, in Cornwall for Cornwall.

See how MPs and campaigners from Cornwall took to the main stage at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow to push for “home rule” for the Duchy.
(I am the little person, in turquoise, at the front of the photo in the link)