Cornwall’s Air Quality is a Health issue not just an Environmental one

Posted on: 21st June 2018

Cornwall’s Air Quality is a Health issue not just an Environmental one and I plan to give some hard hitting facts to encourage readers to talk with family and friends to make sure their chosen lifestyle is not shortening their own and other peoples lives!

I’m sure no-one reading this is driving a car like this BUT sadly you cannot see the harmful particles that come out your exhaust!

  • Poor Air Quality is the 4th highest risk to public health in the UK – causing 40,000 premature deaths a year (probably 220 in Cornwall)
  • 40% of the harmful nitrogen dioxide gas in Cornwall’s air comes from diesel cars
  • Car drivers breath in twice as much of the harmful fumes in their cars than pedestrians and 9 times as much as cyclists
  • If your vehicle is stationary, at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, it gives off 20 times the harmful emissions as when you travel at 32 mph
  • Cornwall has 9 areas where air quality exceeds safe limits and all are primarily due vehicle emissions

THURSDAY 21 JUNE IS CLEAN AIR DAY what change are you willing to make in your life, between family members so that you reduce the harm you are causing yourself, your neighbours, your friends and family?


  • If you have a diesel vehicle, could you consider trading it in for a petrol, dual fuel or even electric vehicle?
  • If you drive a petrol or diesel engine vehicle, could you commit to turn the engine off when in traffic and likely to be stationary for a minute or more?
  • If your household has multiple vehicles, could you consider getting rid of one and doing one of the following
    • use public transport more
    • get a bike – perhaps an electric one
    • share lifts
    • walk more for shorter journeys
    • hire or borrow a vehicle on those occasions you might need a 2nd/ 3rd one?

All the ideas above could save you money as well as improve your own and others health.


Many of us in Cornwall still enjoy open fires or wood burners BUT did you know that burning wet or treated wood or general household waste also produces harmful emissions?

Don’t contribute to 40,000 early deaths a year through ignorance

Just because we cannot see the harmful particles coming from our car exhaust does not mean they are not there. Older diesels are harming the health of Cornish people most.