Cornwall is proud to generate electricity from waste

Posted on: 16th June 2018

Cornwall is proud to generate electricity from waste, no longer sending household residual waste to landfill.

Cornwall’s Energy Recovery Centre at St Dennis

Although everyone in Cornwall could do a little more to increase recycling rates in Cornwall, what is not put out to recycle does go to generate electricity.

On Friday there was a gathering of all those that had played a part in the Energy Recovery Centre being built and operational to celebrate its journey and the first annual report was published.

SUEZ, who run the facility are also responsible for the Household Waste & Recycling facilities, the safe closure and reclamation of land fill sites and the processing of recyclables for sale to produce more goods. They also sell on items for re-use. From their activities there is funding for community projects.

SUEZ-CornwallReport-2017-2018-web – giving you loads of info on energy from waste, recycling and visitor opportunities, including education facilities for schools