Posted on: 22nd December 2018

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service will respond to your call day and night, summer and winter, Christmas day and Feast Days. I’m sure that, like me, you want to thank them for keeping us safe and being there at people’s hour of need.

You may have heard about Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) opinion of Cornwall’s Fire Fighters being slow to respond. Here are 2 facts:

  • On 3 out of 4 occasions, from you dialling 999 to a fully equipped fire engine with 5 fire fighters arriving at your door – 10 mins
  • On average, throughout Cornwall (over a 12 month period), it took 12 mins and 28 secs for a fully equipped fire engine with 5 fire fighters to arrive after an emergency being called in

Chief Fire Officer & Cllr Sue James speak About Inspection View Video

This gives some context to Cornwall’s Fire and Rescue Service compared to England


Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service ratings: 6/11 GOOD, 4 Requires Improvement and 1 Inadequate. Within 3 months of the inspection the Inspectors returned and said we were making GOOD progress to address their concerns!

Improvements Made Since Inspection July 2018

·       Increase in availability of fire appliances crewed by five firefighters (at any time) from 84% to 93%

·       £260,000 invested in new Mobile Data Terminals which are due to arrive in January and be fully operational mid-2019

·       Training in critical control functions has led to staff reporting improved confidence in IT systems and being able to mobilise fire fighters efficiently and effectively

Full details of the Inspection including a link to the report