Cornwall Council want to work with communities on future parking needs

Posted on: 22nd June 2018

Cornwall Council want to work with communities on future parking needs whilst considering the Environment and local businesses.

Ambitious long term plans for the future of parking in Cornwall – including a £2.1m investment into improving technology in car parks – have this week been given the green light by Cornwall’s Cabinet.

The Positive Parking Framework for Cornwall sets out a range of measures which will be put in place to make significant improvements into how Council car parks meet the needs of users and local communities.

The aims of the framework include simplified tariffs, new machines and barriers to enable drivers to pay on exit, improved signage and new systems to consider the needs of carers who need to park in areas with restricted parking. Improving technology in car parks means enforcement officers will be able to focus on tackling drivers who park illegally or cause an obstruction on Cornwall’s streets.

In the longer term, plans include putting in the infrastructure which will enable people to book a parking space in advance.

The plans aim to address the views of residents and businesses, as well as reflect best practice from other local authorities and industry experts, explained Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council cabinet member for transport.

“Car parks play an important role and the location, availability of spaces and tariffs can affect local communities, economies and the environment,” he said.

“This framework sets out the changes we will make between now and 2030 to improve parking for users, but also to tackle congestion, improve air quality and free up our enforcement officers to deal with on-street parking issues.”

In July members of full Council will consider the request for £2.1m into funding technology improvements in Council car parks as part of the Positive Parking Framework for Cornwall.

Cornwall Council has signed up to the Positive Parking Agenda – a national initiative between local authorities and the British Parking Association to make parking a better experience for all.

Geoff Brown has also confirmed this strategy involves taking stock of current car parks and the needs of communities and may involve finding new uses for under used car parks and buying land where new car parks are needed.