Cornishman Community Event Award

Posted on: 18th July 2014
Lafrowda 2014 Gogmagog in the Plen

Lafrowda 2014 Gogmagog in the Plen

Cornishman Community Event Award was won by Pirates on the Prom but I still think that Lafrowda is the best, with the Lafrowda Crew producing a huge event in our small community.

When I saw the Cornishman asking for nominations for Community Event I immediately thought of our own Lafrowda. Now I may be bias but I think the combination of the talented organising crew, our compact town and amazing community spirit combine to make this an incredible festival for all ages.

Lafrowda Strictly Team Dancing

The Strictly Team at Dress Rehearsals

The Dreckly event was so popular that I did not manage to get in! I did go to the dress rehearsal so got a glimpse of what it was like but must book earlier next year.

I gather from Jonathan Hancock, who attended the Cornishman award ceremony on behalf of the Lafrowda crew, that because the category was ‘event’, they were only considering Lafrowda Day rather than the fortnight as a whole. I still feel that for a small community much is packed into even that one day. So, well done Lafrowda crew!!