Coach Parking Could Boost Economy of St Just

Posted on: 2nd March 2015

Coach parking could boost economy of St Just by allowing visitors to stop instead of passing through, as they enjoy the scenic journey along the coast road.

For a while now I have been talking, to whoever will listen, about the idea of making it easier for all the coaches that pass through the town of St Just to be able to stop and allow their passengers to spend money. After many conversations, the plans are coming together and I am hopeful we will have a parking bay in place during April. Lafrowda Bus terminus Plan for coach parking space. Although the plan shows the potential for 2 parking spaces, I have been encouraged to take a cautious approach and pilot with just one.

I plan to set up a meeting with the local businesses that have contributed to the cost of putting the bay in and all other businesses that might benefit, to discuss how we promote the bay. My hope is that our pubs, cafes, galleries etc will all use social media and perhaps Visit Cornwall to promote the availability of coach parking. If it takes off then we can look to raise the money for a second bay or if the car parking facilities generally need expanding, we could then consider coach parking as part of a wider parking expansion.

Proposed Coach parking in St Just

Coach parking bay to go where cars are currently parked

If you have views on this then let me and the Town Council know!