Child Friendly Workbook for kids about Coronavirus

Posted on: 23rd March 2020

Can you believe, someone has come up with a child friendly workbook for children about Coronavirus. I think some adults might like it too!

The cover of a new workbook for kids. pdf full copy below

Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus.pdf

And now something for slightly older children (and I definitely think some adults will like this).

pdf book below, for free

Coronavirus-A-Book-for-Children – large file!

And now the Children’s Commissioner has produce a guide! pdf, under the screenshot

Resource for Children from the Children’s Commissioner

cco-childrens-guide-to-coronavirus – big file of the Children’s Commissioner guide to COVID-19, for children.

Despite the lockdown, young wild parents can still get help and I would urge them to think about it!

If you’re a young parent, life can be tough at the best of times but the sense of isolation might be increasing now. People focus on the older members of the community but if you are at home, feeling alone with young children, perhaps trying your best to amuse or even educate them, it might feel very lonely. You might be doubting whether you are doing the right thing. Well, if you have never turned anywhere for help, now might be the time to consider it. Here is information of how to get in touch with the WILD parents teams to give help, support and fun! WILD C19 Offer 9 April 2020