Bedroom Tax

Posted on: 4th April 2014

I fully agree with Alison Garnham, the Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, that “the bedroom tax is a hasty shambles”.

Today I am pleased to read in the Guardian that Tim Farron, LibDem President, is speaking out against the tax. He says “It has caused huge social problems” and that it “demonises the poor”. You can read the article here. 

Some of you who follow my postings will know that I brought a motion to Council to lobby Government to remove from this unfair tax from

  • those who cannot move to a smaller home as no suitable home is available for them
  • those who have a home specially adapted to meet their needs and no smaller, suitably adapted property is available, and
  • those who need an additional room for medical reasons, so it is not really a ‘spare’ room as the penalty of reducing their Housing Benefit suggests.

Although I brought the motion to council and have been working at getting it through, sadly, because of delays, it is before Council next week when I cannot be there! Although I am very disappointed not to be there to help it see the completion of it’s journey through Council and I could have asked for it to be delayed to a later meeting that I can attend, I feel that the time is right to nudge Government into doing the right thing. I am therefore delighted that other LibDem Councillors are picking up the baton and going to take it through the last stage of its journey. I will be with them in spirit and am fairly confident that it will get cross party support.

We await the response of Government….