Andrew George hopes to cut Bedroom Tax

Posted on: 1st September 2014

Andrew George hopes to cut Bedroom Tax through his Private Members Bill, due to be debated on Friday. He will take up key elements of the motion LibDems steered through Cornwall Council, trying to stop some people from being affected by this charge. He is trying to help the people willing to move to a smaller home but no suitable property is available and disabled people where their home has been especially adapted to meet their needs. If he can get enough M.P’s to support his Bill, in my view, this will make it more likely the whole bedroom tax will go, before long.

Andrew did not vote in favour of the Bedroom tax and whilst he would like to get it scrapped, here and now, it is not likely enough M.P’s would vote for that so taking some people out of it is the best he is likely to achieve. This could still help many families and individuals. It seems to me so unfair that some-one has a financial penalty when there is no suitable smaller home for them to go to. It is a bit like being fined for something you have not done wrong!

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