All Things Food – You Did Not Even Think You Needed To Know!

Posted on: 17th June 2020

This “All Things Food” post is to cover a host of different threads coming to my attention in this COVID world, although some have been around for a while.


Box for pop-up collections

People have got use to donating to Foodbank at our pop-up sessions in the lobby of St Just Library from 10 till 12 on Saturdays and Mondays but as the Library re-opens on 14th July, these will stop. From 14 July, food donations can still be made at the library but during their new, extended opening hours. St Just Library opening details

Donations can also still be made at Costcutter, Boscaswell Stores, (turn right as you go in the door to find our box) so people, during the shops normal opening hours.

The current message from the Foodbank project is that everyone has been so generous that their storage facility is running out of space for the basics but they still need fruit juices, tins of fruit, rice pudding, vegetables and macaroni cheese. Tinned meats and fish are also useful. Cash donations are always welcome (Library only), to buy fresh fruit, veg and eggs, as needed and to buy a much needed storage shed!

Although supplies are outstripping demand, at the moment, they fear this will change once the Government furlough money runs out and employers start to reduce their workforce.

Do you need food? The other message from the Foodbank is that people seem to be holding back on asking for food. So, if you, or someone you know is struggling to make ends meet, for whatever reason, and a weeks food supply might help you get back on your feet, make use of Foodbank and volunteers will bring the food to your home. Most support workers/ social workers, schools and GP surgeries can put you in touch with Foodbank but if you are not in touch with any of those, you can refer yourself by ringing 07950159841. This service is not for those with money who are just not able to get to the shops or get a delivery from the store of their choice but for those in financial hardship, for whatever reason.


You can now donate locally to this project!

I have established links with this project, feeding those that are homeless and in temporary housing where cooking is difficult. During normal times, the project has prided itself in provided cooked healthy meals, daily, to those in need but during these very different times, they have had to adapt. They are providing small parcels of food – many lack storage space for a weeks shopping, but they are re-establishing volunteers cooking limited numbers of hot meals, in take away containers.

So, you have already been bringing and donating glass jars with METAL lids for them – please keep bringing these along but just to St Just Library (not Boscaswell Stores). This project would also like pasta, rice, tins of soup, things to go in sandwiches or on toast (spreads and tins). They can also make use of bread. Donations in the donation points at the library and Pendeen shop.


So, I hope you will trust me to direct your food donations to the project most in need, week by week. This does take over my dining room from Saturday to Tuesday each week but I’m willing to do that, for as long as you are willing to give!


This is a great project that turn bulk amounts of food, that could end up wasted, into batches of nutritious meals for families in poverty. This is a quote from their Facebook page: “What starts here feeds the world” The Hive is a Charity in Cornwall that collects surplus food, processes it to increase its life and lock in nutrition, diverts the food from wasteful and harmful disposal and feeds the needy.

Link to the Hive Facebook Page

They are feeding families locally, through St Just and Pendeen Primary schools.

So, this is a call out to pubs, cafes and shops who might find they have stocks that will go out of date before they can use or sell them – please do not wait until you are throwing things away, get them to The Hive project. Those within the St Just Parish, arrangement can be made with the project to collect on a Wednesday or I might be able to get things to them, depending on the quantity. If you think you can help this project and save food being wasted contact Brian Honey-Morgan by emailing As I say, alternatively, contact me!