A bit of Politics, for a change!

Posted on: 26th June 2022

It seems a good week to have a bit of a Political blog! I got involved in the by-election campaign in Tiverton and Honiton, delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and ringing people. There were strong indications that even some of the most committed Tory voters had had enough of Prime Minister Johnson and/ or his Government. I’m sure that is the case Nationally, and I will end this blog with what you can do to bring Political change locally.

Richard Foord, now MP for Tiverton and Honiton, photographed with Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the Campaign trail.


If you prefer a BBC style write up, then here you go: LibDems Take Safe Tory Seat

Richard won over 50% of the votes and overturned a majority of 24,000, in a constituency that has been Conservative for ever! It was clear that people are so fed up with the current batch of Conservative MPs lacking basic honesty, integrity and decency (and I’m quoting what I heard from voters there) that Richard picked up tactical voters, disenchanted Tories, including Brexit voters, as well as loyal LibDems and floating voters. Lots of people will say “but it was a protest in a by-election!” Yes, unlike Boris Johnson, I am not deluded and know that Richard Foord will have a battle on his hands to hold the seat in a General Election but, if the Conservatives carry on as they are and Boris Johnson takes them into the next General election, I think they will get a kicking Nationally.

After this loss and Labour re-gaining Wakefield the same day, Boris Johnson was on the radio saying, “We are a sensible and responsible Government” and that he would not only lead the party into the next General election but the one after that; I’m sure I heard him say he would be in number 10 into the next decade! I think he is starting to sound more like Trump, day by day and I’m sure to try to cling on to power he and his party will take a jump to the right, so I fear what we have coming down the tracks.

So, what can we here, in St Just and Pendeen, the St Ives constituency and Cornwall to play our part in making sure Boris Johnson and his pals eat their words? Well Andrew George is our St Ives Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate. I want to get him elected back to Westminster whenever the next general Election takes place but to do that we need:

  • Money – The win in Tiverton & Honiton involved putting leaflets out and rather than you drowning in them in a short election campaign, we need to start putting information out, across the constituency NOW. Some reading this will not realise that Andrew had agreed and been selected to stand again and many more who do not read my posts will have no idea, unless we put something out there to tell them.
  • Volunteers – to deliver those leaflets, talk to voters at their doors and on the phones and do admin tasks, some skilled and some less skilled.
  • Members – not essential that people become members but it is nice. Money and volunteers are the most important things.

If you want to ensure we have a Liberal Democrat and not a Tory MP after the next General Election then donate or volunteer now, don’t wait until there is an election date. You can find our more by getting in touch with me or our local office organiser@stiveslibdems.org.uk tel 01736 335669 or visit the party website